Justin Nigh- Founder

Justin Nigh- Founder

Hi, I'm Justin.

I'm a landscape designer, horticulturist, and educator.

Nature has always been a source of curiosity and wonder for me. My family shared their love of gardening with me at a young age and while most kids were playing sport, I was learning to compost.

I've immersed myself in the study and practice of regenerative landscape design. In addition to extensive self-study, I received training and certification as a permaculture designer from world-renowned expert Geoff Lawton, at his Permaculture Research Institute. I complemented theoretical study with practical experience by participating in the day-to-day running of his farm, Zaytuna; widely recognised as one of the best permaculture demonstration sites in the world.

Most of all, I love spending time in my garden where I'm always learning. Daily experience of what works and doesn't work improves the quality of the designs I create for my clients.

As the founder of Regenerative Designs Australia, I'm passionate about working with people to help them live a more sustainable lifestyle through landscape design.