Carolyn's Edible Landscape


Carolyn wanted to transform her ordinary suburban yard into a productive yet low maintenance edible garden offering fresh organic vegetables, fruits, and herbs.

"Thanks Justin for your efforts in turning my somewhat ordinary backyard into a productive and much more interesting landscape! It is also very easy to look after!" Carolyn

We designed an edible landscape incorporating food forest design elements to realise Carolyn's dream of an abundant backyard fruit and vegetable garden. Because it imitates a forest, Carolyn benefits from self-sustaining elements that reduce the need to tend the garden.

Plants were arranged in vertical layers to maximise food production in the small area; from tubers in the ground to fruit and nut trees in the upper canopy, and everything in between. We also made use of the vertical space by growing fruit and vegetables vines.

A natural pond sealed with clay and planted with water loving native plants and vegetables encourages native birds and dragonflies to visit the garden, helping to balance bug population while also being a joy to watch.

A banana circle grows a variety of low maintenance perennial food crops like sweet potato, Jerusalem artichoke, paw paw, arrowroot, beans and, of course, bananas. The centre of the banana circle acts as a compost for green waste that slowly and continually feeds the plants surrounding it.

The gently meandering gravel path built on the natural contours of the land not only serves as an effortless means to get around the garden, but it also acts as a water catchment, storing water in the subsoil, improving the soil life and passively watering the adjacent plants.

Each element of the garden serves multiple functions that were designed to work together as an ecosystem, and because nature does a lot of the work for her, Carolyn has more time to enjoy the sensory beauty and fresh organic food harvest.