How It Works

First we listen to your ideas and vision for your property and learn about your lifestyle and budget. Then we use our landscape design process, creative ideas, knowledge, and experience to help you create a plan for your unique, functional, and beautiful landscape.

Step 1: Consultation & Brief

After a phone call to get to know a bit about your project and to see if we’re a good fit, we’ll ask you to complete an online questionnaire that helps us to fully understand how you want to use your outdoor space, your preferred style, materials, and plants. Then we’ll arrange a suitable time to meet you at your property for 1 to 1.5 hrs to walk through it together and to understand your specific objectives in depth. We’ll sit down and show you design options and ideas so you can decide what level of detail you need to bring your vision to life. After our meeting, a design brief summarising your vision and goals is prepared and sent to you along with design fees and services for your consideration.

Step 2: Site Study

Once you’ve decided to work with us, we’ll visit your property again to catalog and assess the site conditions that influence the design such as topography, drainage, soil, climate, views, and vegetation. We seek to become as familiar with your property as possible to thoroughly understand it’s character, problems, and potentials so we can make appropriate decisions when preparing your design.

Then we’ll prepare a scaled base map from house and survey plans to ensure everything will fit in your space. We’ll also create a written summary of all the elements and requirements the design solution should incorporate for your review and approval. This serves as a checklist during design to ensure everything necessary is included, and makes sure we’ve fully understood your requirements before starting the design.

Step 3: Preliminary Plan

This is the first draft of your big picture guide or blueprint for your garden. It shows you the layout of all your outdoor spaces including paving, structures, retaining walls, steps and paths, pools, water features, and planting areas. It shows you exactly what goes where so you won’t be overwhelmed by decisions. This is your chance to give your feedback on the design before it’s finalised.

Step 4: Final Concept & Detail Plans

The final concept will include the details needed to create your garden. This may also include a planting plan and layout plan, if you require that level of detail. The planting plan shows you the specific plants, location, quantity, size, and any maintenance notes. It includes the plant schedule, which acts as your shopping list when sourcing plants, making it easy to know exactly what plants to buy, how many, and in what size pot or container. The layout plan will show you the dimensions of the various elements of your design.

You can implement the plan at your own pace and budget. We can refer you to our preferred and skilled landscapers to install and manage your project, or you can engage your own landscaper or contractor. Some people even do a portion of the work themselves. Whatever the case, the concept plan will help you get it right, the first time!


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