Louise & Tristans Edible & Native Garden

Keperra, QLD

Louise and Tristan asked Justin to help give focus and direction to what they were trying to achieve in their outdoor spaces. Louise was feeling disillusioned by the size and sloping aspects of their yard and was going around in circles trying to make decisions on what to do with it as well as concerned about wasting time and money making mistakes.

We created a master plan for their property that accounted for all their needs, providing a big picture plan that they could work on implementing in their own time and budget.

"Justin was very thorough, flexible, and honest, and spent a lot of time mapping our site and studying the block during the initial consultation. It was clear from the initial consultation that he was knowledgeable and passionate about his work and we now feel confident that specific elements and plantings are in the right position for our block. No more haphazard planting! The process was smooth sailing and communication was easy. We are very excited about getting started on our plans now knowing exactly what we are aiming for and we look forward to sharing some progress photos in the future." Louise
Native Edible Organic Landscape Design Permaculture Master Plan.jpg