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The Joys & Benefits of Seed Saving

Saving your own seeds can save you money, create plants better adapted to your local growing conditions and personal tastes, help preserve genetic diversity, and create satisfaction through self-reliance and a closer connection to your food.

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Grow Vigorous and Healthy Plants with Beneficial Fungi

Give your fruits and vegetables, lawns, and ornamental plants a secondary root system that is more extensive and efficient than their own to improve nutrient uptake, drought tolerance, and overall health with a beneficial fungus known as mycorrhizal fungi.

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Harvest & Store Rainwater with Contour Swales

You already know rainwater is good for your garden and may have noticed how green your plants look after a good rainfall. That’s because rainwater contains nitrogen which “washes out” of the atmosphere, providing your plants with a nutrient boost, giving them their green colour. So it makes sense to catch and store this free resource to irrigate and feed your garden, and one of the best ways to do that is a low-tech do-it-yourself method known as a contour swale.

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