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Hi, I’m Justin Nigh, award winning landscape designer (People’s Choice award, Queensland Garden Expo), horticulturalist, and founder of Regenerative Designs Australia.

I design natural style sustainable gardens with an emphasis on Australian native and low maintenance exotic plants and materials that are suited to Australian conditions, helping to ensure the success of your investment and reduce your garden maintenance.

I help people transform their ordinary garden into a special outdoor space they love to spend time in. If you’re renovating your existing garden or planning a new one, I’d love to help you create a custom landscaping plan tailored to your unique style and lifestyle, whether you’ll DIY, use a professional landscaper, or both.

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People’s Choice Award: Best Landscape Display

People’s Choice Award: Best Landscape Display


The Value of Good Garden Design

Great gardens & landscapes don’t just happen by accident, but because they’re thoughtfully and intentionally created based on good landscape design.

If you want a great garden, you need a great plan. And that’s exactly what my easy to understand computer drawn plans will do for your outdoor space.

The typical residential garden has many problems and visual offenses. Overgrown or inappropriately placed plants, awkward walkways and entrances, and shapeless lawn areas are just a few of the common problems.

Back yards are often as guilty of poor layout and visual chaos.

The reasons for these problems can include:

  • lack of homeowner appreciation or knowledge of good garden design

  • outdated building practices

  • poor maintenance

  • lack of finances

But it’s also because some people who plan and implement residential gardens lack understanding and training in the fundamentals of design.

Did you know that many people currently designing and installing residential gardens, such as builders and landscapers, do so as a result of on-the-job training having little or no design education?

This means they might be able to build your deck, retaining wall, or install your garden, but without any consideration for good design, will it result in outdoor spaces that look, function, and feel great too?


The Benefits of Landscape Design

Some of the benefits of a landscape design for your property includes:

Improve your quality of life

If your outdoor space is poorly planned and designed it will directly affect your quality of life because you have to live with it every day. My award winning designs create beautiful and comfortable outdoor areas you’ll enjoy living in.

Save time and money

Bad design, or none at all, costs three times as much as good design. First, when you build it. Second, when you have to live with it. Third, when you pay to have it changed or removed. Planning your landscape with me helps avoid wasting time and money on avoidable mistakes.

Boost your property value and curb appeal

Well designed landscapes increase property value, and can save you money too. A well placed tree can increase your air conditioner efficiency. Curb appeal isn’t just for the neighbours either, you’ll enjoy coming home to your beautiful garden at the end of your day. And it’ll attract potential buyers when it’s time to sell.

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Landscape Design Sunshine Coast.jpg
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Outdoor Rooms

Your site can be imagined as a series of outdoor rooms. Outdoor rooms are the basic structure of good design and function, similarly to those inside. They can be extensions of indoor living so that your inside and outside living areas are connected, so you’ll get better use of your outdoor space.

Residential garden design is more than just “landscaping” or arranging plants. Plants fill many key roles in the design of your residential site, but they aren’t the only, nor the most important, elements I use to create exterior space. This means I can craft ideas for your outdoor space that you, or a landscaper, is unlikely to have even considered.

The principles of unity, order, and rhythm, that I use to design your residential site is standard practice of experienced designers.

You’re virtually ensured you’ll end up with a well-executed garden design by my skillful use of these design principles and best practices. 


Landscape Design Plans

The Concept Plan

The concept plan is the blueprint for your garden. It develops the overall vision and layout for your outdoor space. It shows you everything you need to know to create a great garden so you aren’t overwhelmed by decisions. The plan can be implemented at your own pace and budget. Whether you do the landscaping yourself, or engage one of our preferred landscape professionals, or a bit of both, the concept plan helps you get it right the first time. Below is an example of a concept plan.


The Planting Plan

The planting plan is made up of two parts. A graphical plan that visually identifies all the plants in the garden design, and the plant schedule, which is a list of the specific plants, expected size at maturity, quantities, container size, and any maintenance notes. The plant schedule acts as a shopping list when sourcing plants, which makes it easy to know exactly what plants to buy, how many, and in what size pot or container. I also offer a plant sourcing service to source quality plant stock and harder to find plants. 



the landscape design process

Step 1


I meet you at your property to learn about how you want to use your outdoor space. Then a design brief summarising your vision and goals is prepared and sent to you along with fees and services for your consideration.

Step 2


I’ll visit your property again to catalog and assess the site conditions so appropriate decisions are made when preparing your custom design.

Step 3


This is the first draft of your garden blueprint. It shows you the layout of all your outdoor spaces including paving, structures, retaining walls, steps and paths, pools, water features, and planting areas.

Step 4


The final draft of your landscape design includes the overall concept at a minimum, with the option for a planting plan that shows you all the necessary planting details, and a layout plan detailing the dimensions of the elements of your design.



The landscape design services of Regenerative Designs Australia

We recently hired Justin to help us design the landscape around our house, including native plantings, a food garden, and family space. Throughout the process he has done a fantastic job, with great communication skills, a lot of knowledge, and attention to detail in an area that it is obvious he feels passionate about. We highly recommend Justin at Regenerative Designs Australia.
— Anna & Paul L
I approached Justin for help to select the plants for our small suburban garden surrounding a new build, and to tweak the layout I had put together. The plan is wonderful - we love it! Truly fabulous work, thanks very much.
— Glynis Murray
We indicated to Justin we wanted a native self sustainable garden and he did not disappoint. Using multiple choices of plants in a well designed format, they are thriving and are a welcome sight and positive addition to our street. We have received so many comments of what Justin has achieved and would be happy to have any interested persons view his work, which along with his ethics and knowledge, we would have no hesitation in recommending Justin in future endeavours. Thanks Justin!
— Sean & Gail O'Donnell

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