Sean & Gail's Native Garden


Sean & Gail's new home had a steep embankment covering a large area of over 500m2. Unsure of how to improve the space themselves, they asked Justin to turn it into an attractive low maintenance native garden including access and erosion control.

We achieved their goals by installing a biodegradable blanket to reduce erosion until the plants, chosen for their ability to strengthen the soil, became established; improving the soil as the blanket naturally decomposed.

To reduce maintenance the garden was planted with hardy native and indigenous plants suited to the local climate that live on natural rainfall. Dense groups of flowering shrubs, grasses, and groundcover plants suppress weeds, improve the soil, provide food for native fauna and look beautiful too.

A natural decomposed granite pathway provides access to the entire garden. The permeable surface captures water which seeps into the soil benefiting the plants and reducing the need to water.