Get the direction you need to create your outdoor sanctuary 

We’ll help you create a landscape design that enhances the beauty, comfort, and function of your outdoor living space



People’s Choice Award: Best Landscape Display

People’s Choice Award: Best Landscape Display


Landscape design: the art and science of crafting beautiful outdoor spaces

Great gardens & landscapes don’t happen by accident. They’re thoughtfully and intentionally created. But most gardens aren’t. If you want a great garden, first you need a great plan. And that’s exactly what landscape design will do for your outdoor space, because…

Landscape design is much more than “landscaping” or arranging plants

Plants fill many key roles in the design of your residential site, but they aren’t the only elements used to create great outdoor spaces. This means we can craft ideas for your outdoor space that you, or a landscaper, haven’t considered. And keep in mind that not all landscapers have design knowledge and experience.

Landscape design improves your quality of life

Good design creates outdoor areas that are beautiful and comfortable, easy to use and get around in, and provides spaces for you to relax and entertain. If your residential property is poorly planned and designed it will directly affect your quality of life because you have to live with the design every day.

Landscape design saves time and money

Bad design, or none at all, costs three times as much as good design. First, when you build it. Second, when you have to live with it. Third, when you pay to have it changed or removed. Also, planning and “seeing” your landscape before building it can help avoid wasting time and money because it’s a lot cheaper to change on “paper” than it is on the land.

Landscape design boosts your property value and curb appeal

Well designed landscapes increase property value. They might even save you money too. A well placed tree can increase your air conditioner efficiency. Curb appeal isn’t just for the neighbours either, you’ll enjoy coming home to a beautiful garden at the end of your day. And it’ll attract potential buyers when it’s time to sell.


Our Landscape Design Process

Consultation & Brief

We start by meeting you to learn how you want to use your outdoor space. Next, a design brief is drafted and sent to you along with design fees for your consideration.

Concept Plan

Your big picture guide to your garden design. It shows you the layout, size, and most importantly, shape, of all your outdoor spaces. It shows you exactly what goes where so you won’t be overwhelmed by decisions. You can implement the plan at your own pace and budget. Whether you do the work yourself, use the services of our referrals, or engage your own landscaper/contractor, the concept plan will help you get it right, the first time.

Detail Plans

The details needed to create your garden, including the planting plan. The planting plan shows you the specific plants, location, quantity, size, and any maintenance notes. It includes the plant schedule, which acts as your shopping list when sourcing plants, making it easy to know exactly what plants to buy, how many, and in what size pot or container.